January 1, 2022

Every New Year has its share of resolutions. The time has come to unveil ours.

As our world continues to face extraordinary challenges in the most extraordinary of times, Navisyo has promptly anticipated and adapted their 2022 strategies, to include extraordinary resolutions which will irrefutably bring the company to new heights.

Our 2022 resolutions intend to initiate a series of revolutions…

Without any further delay, it is with great anticipation that I hereby reveal that we have officially incorporated 3 more innovative brands into the Navisyo Group - which will not only redefine the world of travel, but which will also redefine the world of realty, hospitality and funding. 

Introducing our 2022 Navisyo Group Brands:


Redefining Travel

 An open source community network, which unites boat owners with travelers, through authentic experiences on the water, driven by lifetime commission incentives



Redefining Realty Self-catering and eco-friendly houseboat properties, for cost-efficient and autonomous living, on all waterways around the world



Redefining Lodging

 A dedicated Navisyo Home fleet, hosting authentic and exciting floatel stays around the world, exclusively managed by the Navisyo Group

Coming soon


Redefining ‘the art of giving back

 A home ownership funding program helping police, firefighters, military and nurses purchase their home on the water, anywhere in the USA and Canada 


All extraordinary resolutions have a beginning…


Today, we believe that sustainability is no longer an option. It is a necessity! Mobility, simplicity and practicality are the keys to a more sustainable future.


Consequently, Navisyo Homes intends to seize an additional “window of opportunity” by offering innovative housing solutions, for smart and independent living on all waterways around the world.


We have in fact, secured an exclusive partnership, with a first-class boat manufacturer, in order to create a series of Navis v.08 motorized houseboat models - the ultimate collection of autonomous and eco-friendly homes on the water - to be sold at extraordinary prices!


Deliveries of our first v.08 home units are due to commence at the start of Q2 2022!

Navisyo Homes, not only aims to to take the world of realty by storm, but also plans to revolutionize the world of lodging - by creating its very own fleet of self-catering houseboats and hosting authentic floatel stays, in select locations around the globe.


Last but not least, we believe that a sustainable future can only be shaped and built with everyone’s best interest at heart, therefore, we have created a Thank you fund for our nation’s unsung heroes - our very own way of giving back - in appreciation for their everyday dedication, sacrifice and courage!


The Navisyo teams certainly have a tremendous amount of work ahead of them, and without a doubt, many more challenges to face - with an immediate focus on developing our new brands, streamlining our marketplaces, implementing our revenue-sharing program, refining our offers and expanding to new territories.


Nonetheless, with all these new and exciting ventures in place, I am all the more confident that the Navisyo Group is just a small step away from the major leagues!

Wefunder Equity Round


Today, Navisyo is redefining itself and promises to be stronger than ever!


I am also immensely proud to announce that Navisyo has hit and surpassed its first priced equity round goal on Wefunder - with the distribution of more than $340,000 worth of equity shares, since its launch on December 1st 2021.


Most importantly, I would like to take this opportunity to extend a personal welcome to our new Equity Shareholders and thank them all, from the bottom of my heart, for their trust in our vision and its success!


Investment opportunities are still available for those who would like to secure their exclusive equity shares in the Navisyo Group at www.wefunder.com/navisyo


Pre-orders for the v.08 Navisyo home models have also begun, so if you too, would like to purchase your next home on the water or/and are eligible to benefit from our Thank You fund, please visit us at www.navisyohomes.com.


As always, I will keep you updated regularly on our progress and performance.


I wish you all once again, a safe, happy and most prosperous New Year!