Our story


“Navisyo was conceived during a self-reflective and inspiring voyage on the seas, where I  underwent a personal ‘awakening’ and decided to share with the world my new found passion for the simple, yet powerful benefits, Mother Nature’s waterways can offer humanity - if we only allow ourselves the opportunity to truly reconnect with her natural healing environment.” 

Alexander Michaels
CEO / Founder


The Navisyo concept was henceforth born…


Navisyo was created with the primal desire to connect both of these worlds and change the misperception that recreational boating is mostly for the ‘rich and famous’.


Navisyo’s marketplace allows committed boat owners to exclusively open up beds and shared spaces on their boats to eager travelers looking for a different way to travel. A wish to experience a “boater’s dream’, without the inhibiting costs - all whilst being able to earn a lifetime income, themselves, every single time they share the concept with like-minded people.


What we do?

Navisyo is dedicated to connecting boat owners with new world travelers by offering affordable and authentic Floatel stays, Voyages and Events on the water through an innovative online open source booking platform.


The Navisyo concept was partly inspired by both ‘Airbnb’ and ‘BlaBlaCar', two of the world’s leading disruptive innovators, in the people-to-people marketplace, also known as a two-sided platform.


However, Navisyo clearly distinguishes itself, from all others, by approaching this marketplace with a unique appeal to our sense of humanity and altruism by engaging the masses and sharing a part of our company revenues with our open source community, thus allowing each of our members a chance to be part of an exciting and prosperous future!


Our vision to unite, share and prosper together in making boating affordable and accessible to one and all is grand and with this comes a great responsibility for transparency, authenticity, integrity and humility.


How it works?

Three distinguishable boat offers are available to the new world traveler via our Navisyo online marketplace:


Experience onboard accommodation (entire boat or cabin) in selected marinas, private docks or moorings.


Share an authentic journey, from point A to point B, with our passionate boat owners. Additionally, daytime experiences on the water are available.


Book a space on a boat, to celebrate private or corporate events, as a fun alternative to standard venues.

Your journey!

Book and board, share and earn!


Sign up for free.

Search or post authentic and budget-friendly boat offers.



Review all listings, profiles and recommendations per destination.

Book a Floatel Stay , a Voyage or an onboard Event of your choice.



After your trip, share your experience through our 5-star review system and our future online community forums.

Why us?



  • A safe online platform available to community members only

  • Lifetime passive income opportunities 

  • A trusted online global community connecting and sharing real-life experiences 

  • Passionate boat owners with authentic and affordable boat offers

  • Navisyo territories will soon be available on all 6 continents

  • Committed to giving back to marine conservation 

Guidance and Support

  • Professional field assistance for all our boat hosts 

  • Training and support for all our Ambassadors and Partners

  • Online back offices with referral links and marketing management tool kits

Safety and Security

  • Up and coming full global Insurance coverage by Llyods Group 

  • Up and coming traveler refund policies

  • Up-to-date technology for health and safety measures 

  • A 1% per booking towards a Disaster Relief Fund 

Your passport

to the new world. 

Launching in Summer 2021