Time to welcome our new friends!

Dear all of our early investors, supporters, fans and friends! The time to celebrate is finally here! I would like to personally thank you all for supporting me but most importantly, for believing in our project. I am especially grateful to the NAVISYO TEAM and all the fantastic people who collaborated with us so closely over the past 10 months. This project was born in the midst of a world economic crisis where many thought this idea to be a crazy one and that Navisyo would never see the light of day - yet we all persisted and here we are! Never did we allow fear or uncertainty to set in. Instead, we focused on the upcoming societal challenges and planned our go-to-market strategy accordingly, in order to effectively participate in the recovery of the crisis aftermath. Today, we would like to reassure all of our early investors that we are committed to excellence and that we will strive to make Navisyo a globally successful and trusted brand. We cordially invite you all to discover Navisyo’s investment opportunities and to join our ever growing family. Together we can make this company a huge success in revolutionizing both the travel and boating economies around the globe. Read to embark onto one of the most exciting journeys of all?

Welcome aboard!

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