It is official the minimum goal was reached in record time! Just in time before we wave goodbye to 2020 and welcome 202 into our hearts, I wish you all a wonderful New Years Eve.

Remember what truly matters most in our lives are those loved ones around us, still with us on this earth and so we must cherish, nurture this love as it will carry us through to safe harbor during any and all crisis.

A reminder for all of our investors and all those watching on the sideline: WE WILL CLOSE this campaign as soon as we hit $150,000 under the $5,000,000 valuation.

I strongly recommend you all and all those thinking of investing to jump on this opportunity to either increase your investment or place your investment before this campaign closes. To invest now, visit www.wefunder.com/navisyo

On the NEW YEAR we will be announcing some wonderful news that will further increase the value of your investment. ARE YOU READY FOR 2021?

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