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Rewards Program

Today with the explosion of social media, an average person has over 5,000 social network connections. According to Nielsen, 65% of new business revenue is generated from referrals and 92% of consumers trust friends and family recommendations, over all other forms of advertisement.


Just imagine if Airbnb had shared their success and revenue with their millions of users around the globe. How many lives would have been changed forever?

Absolutely everyone, from all walks of life can sign up for free and receive private access to a back office where they will find promotional and management tool kits, as well as their own unique "Promo link" or "Promo code" – to effortlessly share the concept and encourage other travelers to sign up for free too. It's so simple as that!

How does it work?


What are the criteria?

It is the ‘real deal’ - there is no financial commitment and no hidden qualifying criteria and/or quotas to be reached.

What’s in it for the referred traveler?

The ‘referred traveler’ who books via promotional link will automatically receive a ‘discount voucher’ which will be deducted from his/her first online booking. Whether you are a retired individual, a single mom or an experienced online entrepreneur who sees the potential of creating real lifetime passive income.

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