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Navisyo Heroes
Thank You Fund

$5,000 housing assistance grant for those who have served us. Navisyo’s Heroes Fund is helping police, firefighters, teachers, military and medical professionals purchase their first home on the water, anywhere in the USA.


How to qualify

Are you
an everyday hero?

Are you a firefighter, a police officer, a nurse, a teacher or a soldier?

Would you love to
live on the water?

Navisyo intends to donate a $5,000 grant to purchase a Navisyo home.

Then visit our website

and fill the form

Visit our page with the submission form here.

It is easy!

Wait for the review of your submission

We at Navisyo, would thank and support these frontline warriors.

The Art of Giving Back

laptop heroes 1.png

Police, firefighters, military, teachers, social workers and medical professionals are braving adversity, by selflessly putting their lives at risk for the safety and welfare of our community. Unfortunately, their battles do not end on the field, but continue to prevail in their personal lives too, as many struggle to purchase a home of their own due to high costs of real estate.

Navisyo intends to help and donate a $5,000 (per one household) grant to purchase a Navisyo home. Thus saving them thousands of dollars for an own and sustainable home!

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