Navisyo Homes
Redefining realty

A Navisyo Home is a motorized boat that has been designed to be used as a residential home and
that is considered to be a realty property. A home you can move to anywhere and anytime.

What is a Navisyo Home?

Life on the water can be highly enjoyable and it is a great alternative to the everyday hustle and bustle of central city life.You can now choose to wake up to a vibrant waterfront skyline view every day! Bored with this view or need a break? Turn on the engine and take your Navisyo Home to a different location.


The Navisyo V.08 model, is a premium quality motorized home boat, with a sleek and sophisticated modern build – exclusively handcrafted by our exclusive avant-garde manufacturer and partner. These modern and stylish self-catering units, available in 2 or (soon) 3 bedroom configurations, can comfortably accommodate up to 4-6 adults and are designed to promote fast and efficient housekeeping and rental turnovers, unlike anything on the market.

Navisyo homes are conceived for practical and comfortable year-round living on the water, with bright and cozy interior spaces as well as optimized outdoor views and decks. Each Navisyo home boat is equipped with state of the art equipment and technology, as well as all the facilities and amenities one can find in a traditional home.

What Is a Navisyo Home? | Is It Worth Investing in?
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