Navisyo Floatel
Redefining Lodging

An exclusive collection of authentic Floatel stays around the world, handpicked and managed by the Navisyo Group. 

Introducing a Revolutionary Eco Friendly Vacation Rental Concept on the Water

Turn your real estate on the water into a lucrative venture. Highest return on investment opportunity available in North America. Whether you are a marina owner or a private owner of waterfront property, you are now able to turn that real estate into a high-yielding return by introducing a Navisyo Home and offering it to guests with an option for cruising.

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Are you an owner of a marina?

An opportunity unmatched in the boating industry that finally offers its marina owners the ability to generate a significant income from property rental using our truly unique real estate units Navisyo Homes.

Are you an owner of a waterfront property?

Owners of a waterfront property with a private dock can now generate the highest return from turning that space into a vacation rental property when you are not using it as a guest house on the water.

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Are you looking to start your own eco lodge?

If you are thinking of investing into a hotel, look no further. We have something not only unique on the market but it also offers the fastest deployment, and the highest return on the market while your asset is moveable, safe and secured.