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Become a Boat Guest

Would you like your next authentic adventure to be on the water? Are you interested in earning a lifetime passive income too? Navisyo has you covered with our fun, authentic and budget-friendly boat offers!

How to travel



Register as boat guest by clicking on Become a Boat Guest on

Browse all offers

Are you looking for a way to get to the island by boat? Choose from a wide selection.

Book the offer

Book whatever you've been dreaming of for so long, make arrangements with the captain.

Bon Voyage!

Sit back. Enjoy and experience jaw-dropping adventures on the water with Navisyo.

 As a registered member, you can search our offers based on specified criteria such as the type of boat, your preferred location and your budget.


Travelers can contact the boat hosts directly for questions, recommendations or special requests. All booking options and details are similar to other online booking platforms and all boat host identities and offers are verified physically “on-site” before they can be featured on the Navisyo platform. If you are interested in securing a lifetime passive income by becoming an Ambassador then we want to know you! It is absolutely free – all you need is access to the internet and the desire to share the Navisyo concept with family and friends!


On behalf of the entire Navisyo family, we wish you a wonderful voyage and look forward to providing you with incredible income opportunities and the most authentic experiences you could hope for on Mother Nature’s waterways. Added bonus: Unprecedented lifetime passive income for all!

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