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Historical Distribution Agreement Signed

Today, I would like to share with you the tremendous progress we have made following this historical turning point.

Navisyo Homes - Real Estate

The Navisyo Homes division was officially launched in February 2022 and since then, we have dedicated our time and efforts in providing the most cost-efficient and eco-friendly motorized water home currently existing on the market.

Our determination and perseverance, in fine tuning production lines and distribution channels for the Navisyo Homes, has proven to be a winning combination in further unlocking the company’s potential for optimum growth and long term success.

On the 8th June of this year, one of the most strategic partnerships, to date, was formed between the Navisyo Group and the MDS Group, for the US territories. An unprecedented distribution agreement was signed between both parties, which will ultimately project the Navisyo Group to the forefront of the industry.

The details of this agreement will be published in the next coming months as we are negotiating an exclusive editorial with one of the several top tier media publications.

The pre-sale of 17 units for 2022 and the assignment of an additional 120 units was successfully negotiated for the U.S.

In order to meet these production requirements, all future exports have been temporarily put on hold until 2024. The Navisyo Group is nevertheless hard at work in implementing strategical solutions to ramp up future productions worldwide, with the ultimate goal of producing 10,000 additional units over the next 10 years - which financially would represent 3 to 4 billion dollars in sales for North America alone, not including exports thus exponentially surpassing the company’s projected valuation for the years to come.

For a foretaste of Navisyo’s autonomous and sustainable living options on the water, please visit our Navisyo Homes website at

The Navisyo Online Marketplace

Our digital marketing teams have also been very busy focusing their attention on SEO and today, the Navisyo online booking platform is steadily growing. The first Navisyo online bookings have been made, subsequently allowing us to now redirect our marketing efforts towards the introduction and implementation of our Ambassador Program.

Be sure to stay posted on Wefunder’s next update dedicated to our investors and shareholders scheduled for this week.

We invite you to watch the video posted below that will give you further insights on this announcement.

Until next time, I wish you all a wonderful week ahead.


Alexander Michaels


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