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Introducing Navisyo Floatel Collection

What if you could find an investment opportunity so promising it’s almost better to keep it a secret?

We have one for you. If you’re tired of inflated prices involved with traditional real estate, you’re going to love Navisyo Floatel Collection!

It’s your chance to build an attractive vacation rental property on water, without any actual construction and an absurd price tag.

Invest in a smart way and find out more at

Floatel Collection - Marina Owners

Do you struggle with too many empty slips or simply look for ways to invigorate your marina?

How about turning a part of your marina into an attractive rental vacation property with our revolutionary floating homes?

With little to no maintenance, luxurious build, and full compatibility with marina standards, you can leverage each home unit to supercharge any slip and turn it into a money-making machine.

Floatel Collection - Hotel Entrepreneurs

Are you looking for the next exciting investment opportunity in the travel industry?

How about instead of investing in overpriced properties, you leveraged nature’s waterways and built your own hotel on water using our revolutionary floating homes?

For a fraction of the traditional hotel costs in construction and upkeep, you can operate a highly lucrative Airbnb style venture in no time!

Floatel Collection - Water Property Owners

Do you own water property and feel like turning it into a more useful space?

With our revolutionary floating homes, you can either generate some passive income by renting your unit to travelers, or create a luxurious guest house everyone will talk about. Just don’t be surprised if your relatives suddenly feel the urge to visit more often…

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