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Connecting people
with wonders of
nature’s waterways

NavisyoGroup is connecting people with the wonders of the ocean, rivers and lakes on our revolutionary floating homes, online boat booking platform, and eco hotels on water.


A real estate branch of the Navisyo Group. Smarter housing on the water.

Revolutionary eco-friendly
vacation rental concept on the water.

Helping police, firefighters, teachers, military and medical professionals. 

Discover more about us

The Navisyo Group was founded in 2020, in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, with the intention of providing innovative and customized solutions to remedy the health, safety and financial impacts of the Covid-19 crisis.

Navisyo Group Divisions

Divisions within the Navisyo Group

Navisyo Floatel
redefining lodging

An exclusive collection of authentic Floatel stays around the world, handpicked and managed by the Navisyo Group.

Navisyo Homes
redefining realty

A selection of luxurious and eco-friendly houseboats for cost-efficient and autonomous living, on all waterways, around the globe.

Navisyo Heroes
redefining "The art of giving back"

A home ownership funding program helping police, firefighters, teachers, military, social workers and medical professionals purchase their home on the water, anywhere in the USA and Canada.

Our achievements

Since the Navisyo Group was founded on April 23, 2020 in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, we achieved many significant milestones.

And we are not done!


September 2022

Over 1000+ offers on in Spain, Greece and Italy.


August 2022

The second showroom of Navisyo Home is successfully delivered in North Miami Beach.


July 2022

Top Management team members are being formed. Chris LaManna is named VP of the Navisyo Group.

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