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Experiencing an adventure at sea or experiencing an overnight stay on a private boat, have been an inaccessible dream for the average income traveler - private yachts are expensive and generic ‘boat-sharing’ charters require a certain number of passengers and are extremely impersonal.

Millions of boaters or “cruisers” are sailing the waters of the world right now while millions of other boats are simply docked at a marina, unused most of the year and costing its owners money.

Unfortunately, most of these boat owners are not business savvy and are painfully struggling on their “sailing kitty” with little opportunity to turn their costly lifestyles into a sustainable income.


This is where Navisyo steps in…


Many ‘live-aboard’ sailors would be thrilled for travelers to join them on certain ‘legs’ of their journey. Additionally, these boat owners can also post offers for overnight stays on their boats or offer the space for a special event. Boat owners can offset the high costs involved in owning a boat by sharing their time and their “home” with these new world travelers. It’s a win win!


Become a Key Partner

Confused about the direction of our new world? Want to figure out the best way to navigate through this post crisis era? You may have just found the right company to partner with.

Navisyo is always looking for passionate new world entrepreneurs seeking to make a real change, by turning this past crisis into an opportunity to help others, all while making our world a better and safer place.

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Anyone, from all walks of life can participate and earn a percentage based commission on all bookings made by referred Travelers for a lifetime!

Today with the explosion of social media, an average person has over 5,000 social network connections - which represents an incredible marketing opportunity for the Navisyo community, as each one of these individuals have a lot more power than they may think.


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We thank to our 1,200+ investors from 50 countries who supported our mission and vision. Campaign officially opens on December 18, 2020. 

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